How BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data Makes Aldes’ Home Ventilation Systems Smarter

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What You'll Learn

  • Understand the business case for smart ventilation in the home

  • The challenges faced by Aldes in developing a smart HVAC system

  • The ways Aldes benefits from their BreezoMeter air quality integration

  • Why ventilation companies need to get connected now

How Aldes Uses BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data

  • Learn about the development of Walter, Aldes’ one of a kind intelligent air quality companion.

  • How Aldes uses personalized air quality data to deliver greater value to customers.

  • How Aldes catches the attention of new website visitors and boosts engagement with personalized air quality data.

Why This Use Case Matters

Traditional, non-smart HVAC systems score low on the energy efficiency scale and risk contaminating indoor environments because they fail to ensure safe air exchange. This means ventilators can actually be responsible for worsening the quality of indoor air as they bring polluted air in from the outside.

Aldes is a market leader in this respect - ventilation companies that have no existing roadmap for connectivity or IOT should take notice and act now.