Creating the BAQI: BreezoMeter’s Truly Global Air Quality Index

“The BAQI is a single, independent rating that can serve as the most reliable standard for air quality across the world.”

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Traditionally, air quality has been measured using country-specific Air Quality Indexes (AQIs). However, each country uses different methods to measure air quality, making country-level comparisons impossible. Further, national AQIs use different scales, different definitions of ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’, and different time intervals for reporting data. Most often, it’s impossible to know how real-time or relevant national AQI data truly is.

In order to put air quality information into the hands of the public, BreezoMeter decided to create a single, unified global AQI that could be understood by all. Download our guide to understand how BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Index (BAQI) works in more detail.

What You’ll Learn

  • How National AQIs report data

  • How BreezoMeter’s global AQI works

  • How we created the BAQI & where we get our data

  • How the BAQI helps people control their exposure to pollution

Why This eBook Matters

The way that current national AQIs work makes it difficult for people and businesses to fully understand the air quality data they are using. National AQIs are not based on what is best for human health, making it difficult for people to make actionable decisions based on the information.

If you are looking for real-time air quality data that you or your customers can truly benefit from, the BAQI is really the only reliable option available to you. No other air quality index places such importance on real-time accuracy.