Smart Home Devices & the Rising Demand for Personalization

“Smart homes are no longer a far-fetched fantasy. Experts predict that 20 billion smart home devices will be online by 2020”

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As the smart home device market explodes, the underlying technology for connected solutions is becoming more sophisticated all the time. Download our e-book to learn more about the evolving smart home market, the rising consumer demand for connected devices in the home, and learn how to outsmart the competition by delivering the kind of personalization your customers want.

What You'll Learn:

  • Market trends and patterns for the smart home device industry.

  • The growing demand for smart home devices and why consumers want and need these devices.

  • The business case for smart devices in the home.

  • Why personalization is key for the truly connected home.

  • How air quality data drives real results for the smart home sector.

Why This eBook Matters

Businesses in the smart home space need to be aware of two clear trends:

  • There is a rapidly growing consumer demand for connectivity and personalization. 1 in 4 consumers will even pay more for an improved personalized service or experience. As consumer expectations rise and iOT technology evolves, companies will need to find new and unique ways to cater to their consumers’ individual needs.

  • As the public learns more about air pollution and its associated health risks, they are searching for solutions that help them solve this problem. Brands in this space have already started to see the benefits of integrating personalized air quality data into their products and the HVAC air quality monitoring market is predicted to hit $6 billion by 2025.