4 Big Digital Health Trends in 2020

“Healthcare companies ready to leverage data to deliver a more personalized and consumer-centric experience will be better positioned to thrive in a future of technological and market disruption”

Personalization is Everywhere

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In recent years, the most ground-breaking innovations in healthcare have focused on meeting patient needs in a more customer-centric way - through the use of personalized treatments and solutions. Download our e-book to learn more about the evolving digital health market and the key digital health trends of 2019, covering the entry of AI in healthcare, the rise of telemedicine, the popularity of wearables for digital health and the ever-growing importance of data for healthcare.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the growing demand for personalized healthcare

  • Explore the difference between public and private healthcare systems

  • Discover the 4 big digital health trends of 2019

  • The future of healthcare market disruption

Why This eBook Matters

With the rise of cloud-based technologies, big data, machine learning and AI, healthcare brands that are ready to leverage the data and technological tools available to them will be better positioned to thrive in the future. As many individuals state they are still dissatisfied with their current healthcare experience, the opportunity for companies that can think outside the box, maintain a customer-centric vision, and implement a well-constructed - and personalized - digital strategy is huge.

By downloading this eBook, you’ll learn how market leaders such as ALK, a leader in allergy immunotherapy - and Propeller Health, have already started to take notice of these trends by placing personalization, data, and AI at the heart of their customer strategy.