Neutrogena Converts 4-Year Sales Decline to 11% Growth

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What You'll Learn

  • Understand the direction of the anti-pollution skincare market.

  • Find out why the future of beauty is personalized.

  • Learn how innovative skincare brands can take advantage of the slow-moving competition by integrating personalized air quality data.

  • How air quality information helped Neutrogena reverse their sales decline & double engagement.

How Neutrogena Used BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data

  • Neutrogena's marketers teamed up with award-winning video agency, Spirable, to deliver a dynamic and highly targeted campaign.

  • By integrating BreezoMeter's street-level and real-time air quality data, Neutrogena was able to deliver messages at the right time at the right place to the right people.

Why This Use Case Matters

The huge success of Neutrogena's marketing campaign underlines how personalized air quality information can be incorporated by skincare brands looking to sell more of their product in a cost-effective way.

Despite working with a tight budget, the granularity and high-resolution of BreezoMeter's information made it possible for Neutrogena to pinpoint their messaging and targeting with phenomenal results.