The Technology of Air Quality: One, Two, Three, Breathe

Technological progress and big data have merged to enable environmental scientists and engineers at BreezoMeter to map the world’s air pollution and deliver dynamic, real time, and up to city-block-level air quality data worldwide.

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The battle against urban pollution is becoming increasingly difficult requiring a reliable method for air quality measurement to decrease exposure. Despite the complexities of air pollution and its movement, the experts at BreezoMeter have found a way to offer the public, and businesses supporting the public, access to accurate and actionable air quality data. In this report we will reveal the technology behind the science used to enable us to forecast air quality to minimize exposure for millions.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why air pollution is on the rise and the complexity of monitoring this silent killer

  • How BreezoMeter answered to the call for an accurate and actionable prediction and tracking method for air quality

  • The methodology behind BreezoMeter’s measurement approach and the basis for accurate air quality wherever you are.

Why is is important?

Air pollution has been a growing world problem, amplified by the ever increasing number of people and their consumption patterns. Your loved ones and the loved ones of your customers are exposed to pollution regardless of where they live. Complexities and limitations have kept us in the dark until now but the scientists at BreezoMeter have found a way to change that and offer you a backstage pass to our air quality technology.

Introducing this technology to the world has never been more important:

  • The numbers reflect an increase in air pollution and the effects of short and long term exposure leaves no one unaffected

  • Making predictions and issuing actionable alerts is not easy because air quality in the same region changes several times a day and is governed by complex dynamics

The Story Behind BreezoMeter’s Technology

Our story began in 2012 when we were looking for pollution-free areas to settle in and buy a house – our families have health sensitivities, including asthma. As environmental engineers, we are too much aware of the correlation between environment and health, and refused to compromise on air quality With these problems in mind, a group of scientists and engineers at BreezoMeter started to search for a solution that would enable people to decrease their total exposure to polluted air.