From Data Provider to Habit Changer - A Product Manager’s Perspective

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When you have a connected device that is powered by big data it is easy to fall back on the data as a service and leave it at that. But consumers are hungry for experiences and data alone won’t cut it. We’ve found that in order to stand out in the crowded app market and remain memorable in the lives of our customers, we needed to create a personalized product that encouraged change for the better.

In this on demand webinar we are joined by Yair Giwnever, who leads the B2C product efforts at BreezoMeter. We discuss unique product challenges we’ve faced at BreezoMeter as an environmental data startup, and how we’ve overcome them to become habit changers and more.

The Webinar Covers:
  • Our journey from provider to inspiring habit changes

  • Reimagining KPIs to drive engagement and not just app download

  • Best practices for product managers looking to turn their products into lifestyles

  • Examples of products breaking the product barrier

Who is this Webinar For?
  • Product managers, marketers, data scientists, business managers, and innovation/R&D teams interested in learning more about the product innovation and our product personalization story here at BreezoMeter.

About Yair Giwnever

Yair leads the B2C efforts and product development at BreezoMeter.

Oded Levanon
Presented by
Yair Giwnever
Product Manager at BreezoMeter