Healthy Indoor Living in the Time of COVID-19

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As the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, the amount of time we spend indoors has escalated exponentially. Many people are talking about drops in outdoor air pollution during city lockdowns, but what about the air quality indoors? How do we ensure we keep ourselves safe from polluted air indoors as well as out?

In this on-demand event we are joined by indoor air quality expert, Dr. Chuan He from Delos, a wellness real estate and technology company. He addresses the environmental impact our homes have on our health, well-being and performance, as well as our own outdoor air quality expert and chief scientist, Dr. Gabriela Adler, who talks about your safety and wellness from the inside out.

The Webinar Covers:
  • Differences in virus transmission mechanisms between indoors and outdoors, and the risks of infection based on home type and household characteristics.

  • Ventilation and indoor air management steps people can take to protect themselves.

  • Recommendations for maintaining healthy indoor environments while spending more time at home, both in terms of Covid-19 as well as other pollutants, & behavioural strategies to help live healthier indoors.

  • As cities lockdown, there's less traffic & air pollution outside. Does this mean it's true that it's safe to open up our windows for a breath of fresh air whenever we want?

  • In many countries at the moment, the elderly and more at risk from COVID-19 are advised not even to leave their homes for food or exercise. As many sensitive groups for air pollution exposure and COVID-19 overlap, is there any advice that could be given to these groups in particular?

About Delos

Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company guided by the mission to be the world’s leading catalyst for improving the health and well-being of people around the world by improving the indoor environments where they live, work, sleep and play. Informed by more than seven years of research and rigorous analysis of environmental health impacts on people, Delos and its subsidiaries offer an array of evidence-based technology and solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Delos is the founder of the WELL Building Standard™, the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness. Its subsidiary, the International WELL Building Institute, administers and continues WELL’s development and drives market adoption. For more information about Delos, please visit

Presented by
Dr. Gabriela Adler
Chief Scientist at BreezoMeter
Presented by
Chuan He, PhD
Senior Director, Delos Labs, Delos Living LLC