Liberating the Data: How to Transform the Customer Experience

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The hype around "Digital Transformation" means that many of these initiatives get lost. The projects struggle to navigate between hype and reality. They are either focusing too much on the technology itself or simply copying what others are doing. There is too much TALK of Digital Transformation ENABLED by the latest technologies. AND too often the technology is driving the conversation and the strategy. It's the business goals and a company’s unique data that should be driving digitalisation.

In this on demand webinar we are joined by Tamir Kessel, Business Development Manager, to walk us through a simple framework to tackle the digitalization opportunity, that can be applied across any industry as long the business goal is the priority and not the latest shiny technology

The Webinar Covers:

  • “Digital Transformation” The hype vs the reality

  • The digital solution framework - step by step

  • How 3rd party personalized data can enhance this framework

  • The framework applied - real-world examples of businesses leveraging personalized digitalization

Who is this Webinar For?
  • Product managers, marketers, data scientists, business managers, and innovation/R&D teams interested in learning more about what personalized environmental data can do for their business.

  • Professionals and researchers in health sectors and other related fields.

About Tamir Kessel

Tamir is a multicultural growth leader with experience in Business Development and Consulting Management in technology multinationals and start-ups. Tamir has spearheaded many digital transformation initiatives for businesses across industries.

Oded Levanon
Presented by
Tamir Kessel
EMEA Business Development Lead