The Science Behind Environmental Data: Your Questions Answered

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Air pollution and pollen are dynamic by nature. Tracking the movement and levels is a complex challenge. If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind environmental data and how we do what we do, then this webinar is for you.

Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Gabriela Adler, leads the session, and deep diving into the common questions we receive from our customers and the public.

The Webinar Covers:

The webinar covers the following and more:

  • The complex behavior of air pollution and pollen

  • The challenges inherent to the calculation of real-time pollen and air quality levels, and how this is overcome

  • Why accuracy matters and how we ensure the accuracy of our data

  • Common misconceptions set straight

Who is this Webinar For?
  • Product managers, marketers, data scientists, business managers, and innovation/R&D teams interested in learning more about the science behind environmental data and BreezoMeter.

  • Professionals and researchers in health sectors and other related fields.

About Dr. Gabriela Adler

Dr Gabriela Adler is our Chief Algorithm Scientist here at BreezoMeter. She leads our two current API offerings for Air Quality and Pollen and is focused on constantly improving the algorithms and models behind the data we provide. Dr. Gabriela Adler holds a Phd in Atmospheric Chemistry and Climatology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and previously worked at NOAA as a Research Scientist, focusing on the area of atmospheric measurement.

Oded Levanon
Presented by
Dr. Gabriela Adler
Chief Scientist at BreezoMeter